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Putney escorts larger than life

Posted by on Apr 17, 2015 in Mature Adults, Sex problems, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I love dating plus size escorts, and in my heart there is only room for Putney escorts. If, you are looking for the larger lady you really need to check out Putney escorts. Yes, there are plus size escorts all over London town but I just love the Putney escorts. Many of the girls who work here are English and that makes a difference to me. I am not racist or anything like that, I just happened to really like plus size ladies and Putney escorts.

Skinny girls don’t really do it for me. There is something about skinny women that just doesn’t turn me on, and I have always stuck with plus size girls. All my previous girlfriends have all been larger but the thing, they always wanted to lose weight. It just drove me nuts. No, I like to take a girl out who likes to eat and is not worried about her size. Dating skinny Putney escorts would not turn me on at all.

More and more

I just love larger ladies because it feels like you get more of everything. The majority of larger ladies have larger than life personalities as well. They tend to be able to turn up the volume naturally, and that is something very special for me. I am that kind of guy who likes a bit of noise. If a girl is happy with me, I want her to be able to let me know in no uncertain terms.

Petite girls, or smaller ladies, tend to be much more quite, and that just doesn’t work for me at all. I always tell my large ladies to go with full throttle up, and all of them do. That to me is one of the most important part of dating full size ladies, but there are other reasons as well.

The Feel of a Woman

You only get the proper feel of a woman from larger ladies. It has to do with the way they move, and the way the look in their clothes. Looking at skinny girls, you can quickly tell that they are having to wear push-up bras. Now, larger ladies already have enough on top to be able to make the most out of their cleavage.

Sometimes I find myself staring straight into the cleavage of my favorite escort thinking about all the things I could put in between those boobs. Mind you, at the moment she is my sexy lady but I often dream of the day when she will be more than that.

To me real women are big women, and the other way around. I like a nice big ass that fills up more than both hands. Not that I am greedy, but that feeling to a man like me is something very special. It is a comfortable feeling as well as a sexy feeling, and can just drive me wild with desire. Will I carry on dating larger ladies? You bet I will, I want to experience some real women in my life.

Cheating Husbands and Young Wives

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in Mature Adults, Sex problems, Uncategorized |

Welcome to the Better Sex Agony Aunt column. In this week’s edition of Better Sex former escort Tittiana Nilsson has joined us whilst Dr Annie Bliss is on holiday. Tittiana will be answering all you questions.

Our first letter is from a lady who’s husband cheated on her but he will not admit it.

Dear Better Sex,

My husband has cheated on me but he just want admit it. When we first got married he was really into dating escorts in London, and I thought he had stopped but he hasn’t. He is still dating london escorts and it seems like he can’t stop himself from seeing his “girls” as he calls them.

He says that escorts in london don’t have sex with you, they are just sexy companions. That might be true but I still feel really betrayed and I am so angry with him. I just want run out of our home, and slam the door in his face.

We have only been married for six months, and I just feel I am not good enough for him. I just don’t understand why he needs to date London escorts and what he gets out dating escorts in London .

It is very frustrating and I am thinking about telling his parents. I wonder if the rest of his family knows.

The problem is also that I have told some of my friends, I thought I could trust them but now they are just laughing behind my back. What should I do? My husband is older than I am.

Young Wife

Dear Young Wife,

I am sorry about all your problems. This is not your fault, so don’t for one minute blame yourself. It sounds like your husband has been dating london escorts for a long time, and has become addicted to dating london escorts.

I used to be an escort in London myself, and I was always anxious to please my dates, and this is often what gets them hooked. They keep coming back to you time and time again just because you make them feel special. And trust me, escorts are very good at making men feel special.

If your husband is older than you, this may be a real problem. It could be that he thought you would be this young sexy companion, just like many of his london escorts. And perhaps this is why he married you in the first place.

Think back – was it a bit of whirlwind romance? If it was, it means that his attitude to your marriage is probably totally different and your expectations may not match his.

Escorts in London don’t mean to do you any harm nor does your husband, but he can’t just help himself. Perhaps you would be better to start again, and try to meet someone more compatible.

My advice to you would be to seek some professional legal guidance, or give your husband an ultimatum. He drops the london escorts and starts looking after you, or ends up in divorce court. It is up to him.

Love Tittiana

I hope you found some good advice in our column this week, and please feel free to right in with your personal and sex problems any time.

Traits That Define A Mature Adult

Posted by on Mar 2, 2015 in Mature Adults |

Being an adult doesn’t only mean that you’re able to support yourself independently. It’s also about making decisions and acting maturely. With that premise, what exactly does it mean to be mature?

· Able to distinguish over needs and wants – Knowing these will give you a sense of direction in everyday life.

· Knows how to handle stress – You should be familiar with what triggers stress in you and what helps in keeping your mind focused and optimistic.

· Knows the differences between priorities and conveniences – As Robert Frost wrote in his book, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by. And that made all the difference”. It’s always convenient to go with the flow or stay in your comfort zone, but there are times when you have to step out of it in order to change and reach your goals.

· Can manage frustrations, anger, and temper – Rather than raging at somebody over your frustrations, divert anger into energy and use it to drive yourself to change something that you do not like.

· Has a solid and effective decision-making system – How will you handle a dilemma? As an adult, you’ll know that bashing over a bad situation will often do no good. When given two choices or opportunities, you should be able to make informed-decisions and take responsibility on your actions.

· Self-aware on fears and weaknesses, as well as strongest skills and characteristics – Knowing yourself can be someone’s strongest armor against any problems.

· Knows that there’s a big difference between being interested on something from that of being committed to it – For example, many people say that’s they’re interested in a business venture but very few have the guts to truly implement those ideas and stay committed to growth.

In relationships, mature adults have the following traits:

· Able to control and manage jealousy or envy – There are instances that envy becomes a good motivational tool to improve yourself. However when used negatively to destroy other people, it often attaches itself to lies and insecurities.

· Able to differentiate between infatuation, addictions and love – Infatuation often turns you blind over someone’s true characteristics. There’s nothing wrong with knowing another person’s flaws, because with true love, you’ll accept these imperfections and enrich each other into better individuals.

· Knows that intimacy is not all about sex – It’s how much you know each other emotionally.

· Open to express feelings and frustrations in a constructive manner- You keep it mind that when you discuss negative emotions, the person you’re talking with has emotions as well.

· Listens to viewpoints of other people – You know that judging others before truly knowing them often leads to misunderstandings and contempt. Being attentive to other’s frustrations, opinions and ideas allows you to see what the true problem is.